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Xintian Tina Wang is a journalist, author, photographer, and communication professional with 5+ years experience in covering cultural stereotypes and innovations, including gender & sexuality, arts, business, and technology. Her recent work appears in TIME, HuffPost, Teen Vogue, VICE, ARTNews, Observer, ELLE, The Daily Beast, Inc. Magazine etc. She also serves as the Director of Events at the Asian American Journalist Association (AAJA) New York Chapter. She has a MS in journalism from Columbia University and a BS in advertising from Boston University.

Besides writing and reporting for distinguished publications, Xintian Wang also acts as a Mandarin interpreter for The New York Magazine, The New York Times, and The MIT Review to help with complex multinational projects that need English- Mandarin interpretation and bilingual reporting. As a bilingual journalist, she also published several stories in Chinese in well-known publications like Jiemian News, Rolling Stone China, and VICE China.

As a communication professional and a visual storyteller, Wang is constantly speaking for cultural minority groups whose voices are buried in mainstream discourses. Her documentary "Size 22" won the "Best Short Documentary" at the Boston Short Film Festival and an "Audience Award" at the New England Film Festival. The film is also selected to screen at the Salem Film Festival and First-Time Filmmaker Sessions. Her photojournalism work is featured in TIME, HuffPost, The Sunday Times, JoySauce, Air Mail, etc. 


Currently, Wang serves as the External Relations Manager at Columbia University School of Engineering, where she produces stories for the school website

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